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A Little Bit about TigerBite

TigerBite is not just another jewelry brand.

It's an expression of robust creativity.

It's the crave for more.

It's the sassiness to want it all and the boldness to go for it.





Mary Katrisiosi Baldwin

A Little Bit about TigerBite
TigerBite… What’s the story behind the brand?

TigerBite was not created in a day. It has been a process; an extension of my life experiences, an evolution of my personality and style. It was the notion of unleashing my passion into creating something that gave it form; jewelry pieces that have their way to transform , giving you the courage to live yourself out loud.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

The inspiration for TigerBite has come from within as well as viewed in the unique character and story of women, and in some cases, men, that I come in contact with. For me, jewelry design is art; an action, a content, a storytelling, a constant exploration. Jewelry art is my personal self-expression, my way to communicate, my wearable story. When I wear TigerBite, I am truly and finally myself; I feel empowered and more in touch with my inner self

How do you evoke an emotional response to your jewelry?

I love being able to help women dig deep and find out who they are. Watching them go beyond the normal and boring to rocking TigerBite with confidence and passion is why I keep pushing forward to create and influence. It truly is amazing how a combination of bracelets dangling on a wrist or a long, bold necklace can evoke emotion, confidence, and independence.

How did your presence at Fashion Week come about?

I have had the privilege to take TigerBite to Fashion Week all over the world: London, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York... Fashion is my passion; the passion that led me there. I paid my own way for three years to Milan, volunteering behind the scenes, available for any needs during the madness before the shows, serving coffee, making lists of the models and their runway pieces, ironing clothes… Impressing in my own designs, opened the door to collaboration with a designer..

What is fashion after all?

My life journey could be titled, “Dare to be Different”. There is nothing more fashionable than being yourself. TigerBite has a look for everyone. (I agree with) As Iris Apfel said ‘’...When you don’t dress like everyone else, you don’t have to think like everyone else...‘’. I embrace her view; Fashion is the inward you in outward expression.