A little bit about TigerBite.

TigerBite is not just another jewelry brand.

It's an expression of robust creativity.

It's the crave for more.

It's the sassiness to want it all and the boldness to go for it.

It's the toughness to endure and the

passion to achieve.

It's what's inside you. And me.

It's what makes us dare to be different.

A word from Mary Baldwin:

“When I started this brand, I didn’t do it because I wanted to have a business and sell jewelry.

This creativity was looking for a way out and I simply had to share it.

It was this notion of unleashing my passion into creating something that matters.

And it’s not the jewelry piece itself that matters; rather than what it makes you feel when you wear it.

I want to pass on this feeling of power and boldness and dynamism to other women.


And I believe my jewelry are a statement of this state of mind.”

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